We Will Meet Again comes along as an unexpected gem, and may just qualify as one of the nicest independent choir projects out there right now. Just because it's not nationally distributed, doesn't mean it's not great.” - Stan North

Gospel Flava Magazine

I am delighted to have been a part of this great recording! The rich sound and the ministry in song directly and adequately depicts Dr. S. Tyrone Thornton's life and calling by God! You will richly blessed by the outstanding writing of Brother Kenny Thornton and the magnificent blend of sound by the Memorial Mass Choir. "We will meet again" WILL be one of 2004's best releases for the Gospel music industry!” - Elder Mark T. Gibson, Senior Pastor

— Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church

This CD is full of anointed music that is a tribute to the late Dr. S. Tyrone Thornton. It is obvious by listening to the music that is on the CD that many loved this anointed man of God. There are 17 tracks that depict what true faith and love for the Lord is. It demonstrates how much Dr. S. Tyrone Thornton loved all people and most importantly the Lord.” - Twana Lawler

PSALM Ministries

Get your copy of "WE WILL MEET AGAIN" today!” - Raymond Bessex


Wow this guy had a whole lot of prefixes to his name! Also he had a whole lot of cred that he could suffix his name with too. The music is, of course, gospel. Unfortunately for not just his family and church, but gospel choir appreciators he passed away after a traffic accident. This album is dedicated to the leader of the choir with its proceeds going towards the Thornton Scholarship Foundation. It reminds me a bit of the Get Gospel cats but shines in its own unique way. Go buy this now and support a worthy cause and be blessed with great music in the same stroke.” - J-Sin

Smother Magazine

Rev. Dr. S. Tyrone Thornton Memorial Mass Choir is one of those choirs that you'll want to hear over and over again. My favorite cuts on the cd are "Jesus is Worthy", "I Want To Be Ready", The Only Way", and " Hold On". Madd shout outs to the band for making this one impressive cd project! --” - Kenny G