Pray For Min. Nigel 

Many of you have heard the heart touching testimony from Min. Nigel Andrews on the song “The Only Way.” God truly brought him through a test, well I’m asking for all of your prayers for his is going through another test. Nigel is in the hospital and has been for a few weeks. I’m not sure of all the details of his condition but I am sure of the power of prayer. There has been a benefit program for him in Alabama and more are planned for Atlanta GA. God is Still Blessing. Kenneth


Check out the choir and Rev. Thornton preaching on youtube. Just search for the choir on I know you'll find it.

The Movie "The 23rd Psalm." 

Hey!!!!!!!!!!! Go to the links section and click on The Movie. We have several songs on the sound track.

Getting your music heard 

Getting your music heard is to me by far much harder than the writing or even the actual recording. There are no real secrets, just stay prayed up. There will be some doors opened as well as some slammed shut. Just in short I suggest that you start out on a local level getting your hometown stations to give your airplay at first then venture out. This won’t happen over night. Remember your recording didn’t just happen but you put in time and effort so you must allow the same amount of time for stations to…

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LESSONS TAKEN FROM……TYRONE 101 ---by Tammy M. Walton In the realm of human experiences, one thing that seems to make us feel powerless is death. It seems so many of us are afraid to die we fail to live. When we don't live because of fear of dying, we die without ever having lived...when we were born; each of us was birthed for a purpose. How long you are here? I cannot tell you because each of our life's journeys is unique...customized, MADE ESPICALLY FOR YOU. Throughout our journey,…

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In Memory Of Little Brother 

I've written down a million words The Lord has blessed me to write poems that have been read across the land. I have written songs that have been sung by many. Music that has been played by a band. But writing these words of memory, from 36 years in time About a man I called "Brother, a brother by blood that was really mine It is by far the most challenging task that I put on my pen I prayed that God would help me make it to the end, I thought about writing down how I felt about you, so that the…

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